Dodgers vs A’s

The Dodgers tonight will be starting a 3 game set vs The Oakland Athletics. With Free parking in every game if you decide to headout to the ballpark. I am predicting a 3 game sweep actually. The A’s are what? 27-35. That should be a pretty easy sweep for LA. Being orginally from Oakland i dont not know why i am not an A’s fan lol. Even when i lived out there my support was for the Giants. So anyway the pitching match ups for the 3 game series will be In game one: Kershaw (3-5) vs Braden (5-5). Game two will be: Kuroda (1-2) vs Cahill (3-5). Game three will be: Wolf (3-2) vs Mazzaro (2-1). Maybe in that 3rd game Wolf might actually get a decision. It should be good practice for the big series coming up in the weekend up in Anaheim. Dodgers VS Angels is always fun to watch. Anyway lets go out there and sweep the A’s first and keep the best record in the leauge! GO BLUE!losangelesdodgers_logooakland_athletics


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