How will Big Blue come out in October?

Assuming that the Dodgers win the N.L. West with currently there 42-22 record how will they fair in october? I believe that we have a legitimate shot at being the NL champs. With Manny obviously back for the playoffs, and hopefully no injurys. The Dodgers have a very deep lineup with the likes of Orlando Hudson who has been a very huge free agent pick up. There are not many teams that could stop us. If the postseason started today it would be the Phillies, Dodgers, Brewers, and Giants as the wildcard, who could be a threat due to pitching. Now the Dodgers have not faced the Brewers yet, but roster wise we are a better team. The only problem maybe pitching we need to pick up another Starting Pitcher ASAP. We cant go on wit the rotation we have now.


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